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Dress Your Baby in Merino Wool with the Misha & Puff Collection

Are you the type of parent who enjoys choosing outfits for kids that are a little more unique and stylish than the children’s clothing you’d find at typical retailers? Or do you want your babies to wear clothing that is finely crafted and meant to last for more than one or two wears? If so, then we’ve got some great pieces that would look adorable on your little boy or...

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Traditional Bulgarian Hand Knit Baby Clothes with Kalinka

As parents, we always want the best for our children so they can grow up happy and healthy. And a big part of providing for children is ensuring that they have clothes to wear that are high quality, comfortable, and child-approved. And while it can be easy to duck into the closest discount children’s clothing stores to pick up whatever kid’s fashion is on the clearance rack, we know that...

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Hilda.Henri’s Designer Holiday Outfits for Girls

While it might seem hard to believe, the holiday season is right around the corner. The days are getting shorter, there’s a chill in the air, and anticipation of what’s to come is building. And, of course, for most of us the holiday season means traveling to holiday parties, family dinners and casual get togethers with friends—not to mention pictures to send out on your annual holiday card. So if...

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How to Style Your Little Girl in Tuchinda’s A-Line Skirts and Dresses

For most parents of little girls there’s almost nothing more adorable than to see her twirling around in her favorite dress or skirt. The girly, whimsical style of dresses makes them the perfect little girl fashion for just about any occasion. Choose a dress that’s fancy and frilly for formal events like holiday get-togethers. Or pick a dress or skirt that’s a little simpler for a playdate or a walk...

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Relaxed Fit and Contemporary Design with Unlabel

We all know that finding outfits for girls can sometimes pose a challenge. Between pop culture, school friends, and a dozen other influences, girls can feel compelled to wear certain items to fit an ideal look or to be “cool.” It can put undue stress on young girls as they strive to live up to unrealistic fashion expectations, and for those of us who go shopping with them as we...

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3 Fun Suspenders for Kids by Fashion Designer Violeta

We love how more parents are helping their little ones step outside the traditional mold of children’s fashion by giving them the opportunity to try new types of clothing and accessories with their outfits. And there are few accessories that make a child’s outfit more endearing than a pair of suspenders. They’re cute, quirky, and fun and pair perfectly with a variety of designer kids’ clothing. Whether you’ve got little...

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Caroline Bosmans’ Unique Girls’ Boutique Clothing

If you’re a parent who enjoys dressing your girls in clothing that stands out from the clothes that line the shelves of more traditional children’s clothing stores, then pieces that look like they’ve come from an exclusive girls’ boutique may be just what you’re looking for. These clothes will have colors, patterns, and other details that are just outside the norm to create a trendsetting look perfect for budding fashionistas....

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Picnik – the Barcelona Designer for Children’s Fashion

Whether you’re a trendsetting dad who wants to dress your little ones in duds as stylish as yours, or an on-the-go mom who wants her children to be comfortable no matter where the day takes you, finding just the right outfits for girls or boys doesn’t have to be tricky. In fact, if you find the right designers you may find yourself falling in love with a few too many...

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5 Ways To Accessorize Your Children For Family Photos

When we talk about accessories, we often envision gorgeous handbags, eyewear, and scarves for adults. But accessories look equally wonderful on children, especially for special occasions. One of those occasions is family photos. With children growing up so fast, our photos serve as lovely mementos of their younger years, reminding us just how much they change over time. Family photos offer more than just memories: they make lovely gifts for...

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4 Ways to Wear Anchovy’s Ombre Dresses and Tops

By now we’re probably all well aware of the ombre hair trend. The casual color fade look was a favorite of many who regularly color their hair—it embraced the fading of color from darker roots to lighter ends. However, it’s becoming abundantly clear that this distinct look is no longer just for hair. It’s making its way to the children’s clothes scene for some truly fashionable looks. Ombre clothing takes...

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