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Parisian Fashion with Bonpoint and Les Coyotes De Paris

Paris has long been the fashion capital of the globe, and women and men the world over admire and emulate the ensembles of the French. It is no surprise that children’s fashion is now following suit, as more and more parents seek to dress their little ones in Parisian attire. Fortunately, you do not have to travel overseas to get the world’s best children’s fashion. Ladida carries a full line...

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I often step into my daughter’s shared bedroom to find the two of them sifting through their closet. Almost every drawer has been pulled with pieces of clothing dripping from the drawer edges and spilling onto the floor. The hangers that keep some of their dresses neat and orderly have clearly lost their purpose as their most prized articles of clothing are included in the pile that sits next to...

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Layering Your Child in Warmth with Molo & Tia Cibani

When it comes to dressing children, layering is simply a part of life. Due to their active lifestyles and the fact that they cannot simply add or remove clothing themselves as needed, a child’s temperature can fluctuate even more than that of adults. Therefore, dressing your kids in simple, easy to remove layers can help uncomplicate your lives and keep your children as comfortable as possible. For adults, layering can...

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Preppy and Funky Looks from Paul Smith Jr.

Paul Smith is one of the world’s premier designers of menswear, shoes, and accessories. Lucky for those of us with little men-in-the-making in our lives, Paul Smith Jr. is an offshoot from this iconic designer which offers incredible outfits for little boys, girls, and babies. If you are looking for prep-school type clothing for your child, Paul Smith Jr. carries adorable tops, bottoms, and accessories which are sure to keep...

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Gender and Color Association: A Thing of the Past

The days of pink and blue baby showers signifying a child’s gender may never come to an end. But as babies become toddlers who then become school-aged children, parents are beginning to stray from the traditional color associations and break stereotypes when it comes to dressing their kids.  “Pink for girls, blue for boys” is actually a relatively new concept. Before the early 1900s, colors were not generally assigned by...

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Blog Guest Post by Li Nana

Find the Bonpoint Dress and Shoes Here.  Shoes by Papanatas, Socks are Bobo Choses and Dress by Hello Simone. Dress by Hello Simone, with Bonton Cardigan. Hat Tambere. Dress by Chloe, Shoes by Bonpoint Chloe Dress, Shoes Bonpoint.   The Animals Observatory    

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Let Petit Claire Dress up Your Little Guy for Formal Occasions

As most parents know, dressy occasions and small children often do not go well together. There are a few steps that you can take to simplify the process, such as allowing your child to have a say in what he or she is wearing (whenever possible) and to ensure that the clothing you choose is made from comfortable, breathable materials. The good news for parents of boys is that you...

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Fun Animal Prints with Mini Rodini

  Animal prints are all over designer lookbooks and the world’s fashion runways this year, but did you know that they are also trending for children? Animal prints for children come in a wide variety of colors and styles, and can be found on everything from shirts to dresses to socks. And when it comes to fun animal prints, no baby fashion designer does it better than Mini Rodini. Mini...

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Our Favorite Things

10 New Pieces YourLittle One Needs Now These spring favorites will virtuallyguarantee to make getting dressed more fun. Click Here to shop some of our favorites!

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Hand Knit with Love & Care

  With each day that passes, our world seems to move at a faster and faster pace. People are busier, and hobbies and other creative outlets get pushed to the wayside. True, handmade clothes for children used to be the norm, but they seem to have been replaced with cheap, throwaway pieces rather than getting passed down through the generations. These days, it has become rare to see a newborn...

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