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Dress Your Girl In Velvet with Designer Atelier Barn

Once a staple in the fashion world, in the last couple of decades we had seen a decline in the use of velvet by children’s clothing designers. Its unmistakable look and feel make it a bold fabric choice for any garment, but it was most often used in velvet dresses. Gorgeous in nearly any color, these dresses made excellent outfits for girls. But, fortunately, today’s clothing designers—particularly those who design...

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Fun Prints with Mini Rodini Designer Children’s Clothing

Bright. Fun. Bold. Unique. Comfortable. Durable. These are all words that come to mind when we think of our ideal children’s clothing. For parents shopping for their little ones or growing kids just starting to choose their own clothes, finding just the right pieces to fit their personalities and their activity levels is key. And we at Ladida are dedicated to providing parents and children with plenty of options to...

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Make Your Child a Fashion Trend Setter with Velveteen Children’s Clothing

If you’re a parent who enjoys staying on the cutting edge of fashion and wearing clothing with distinct personality, the typical children’s fashion that you see lining store shelves might not cut it for your own stylish little ones. Most children’s apparel seems to follow similar designs and patterns and can get a little lost in the crowd. But shopping for designer children’s clothing can help you and your children...

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Minorquines Girls Shoes for Every Occasion

At Ladida we definitely aren’t lacking in a love for shoes. We love that there are so many styles (sandals, slip-ons, boots, sneakers, wedges—who can even keep track of them all?!), how they can instantly change the look of an outfit, make a statement, or provide the comfort we need to keep going during a long day. They’re the accessory that probably more than a few of us have way...

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1930’s Children’s Fashion with Little Creative Factory

These days, children and baby fashion is all about bucking traditional trends and selecting pieces of clothing with a little more edge and personality. There’s less emphasis on shockingly bright colors, dizzying patterns and other typical elements of children’s fashion. We’re starting to see that more and more parents want a greater variety of baby clothes brands that give more opportunities for individuality and creativity. For anyone who enjoys feeling...

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Color Trend: Dark Clothes for Children with LOUD

For years children and baby fashion has been firmly grounded in trends that celebrated light colors, whimsical patterns and a general softness that appeared to be considered the “go to” or appropriate style of clothing for children. This generally meant you’d see plenty of pastels and neutrals popping up in outfits for girls and boys wherever you shopped. And those styles are still on trend for our little ones. Yet,...

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Get Beach Ready with Molo Children’s Clothing

Summer is here again, and with warmer temperatures come family vacations! If you plan to head to the beach this season, you may already be dreading the packing process. But fear not, dear parent: at Ladida, we are here to help. The sad truth is that packing for even just a day trip to the beach feels like packing for a two-week jaunt to Paris. Between the food, the sunscreen,...

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Dress Your Girl in Little Miss Aoki for Formal Occasions

If you have a formal occasion coming up, you may be concerned about how best to dress your little girl. From weddings to birthday parties, finding something lovely for your princess may be more difficult than you expect. You want something appropriate, but you also want your child to be comfortable. For the perfect formal wear, look no further than Little Miss Aoki.   Little Miss Aoki presents itself as...

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Dress Your Child in The Minimalist Look with Dinui & Minimu

When it comes to designer children’s clothes, there are endless trendy options to choose from. From graphic tees to tulle dresses, you can find just about anything to please both your little ones and your budget. One trend that has become quite popular as of late is minimalism, which basically means finding simple, reliable clothing and considering it to be a long-term investment. Rather than buying cheap, varied T-shirts, sweaters...

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