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The Animals Observatory is quickly becoming one of the most admired children’s fashion houses in the world. A newly-founded project, its clothing and accessories have quickly earned a loyal following among children and parents alike. The brand is focused in Paris, and is carried in some of the top children’s shops around the world, including in Asia, America, and all across boutiques in Europe. Their simple, comfortable designs have earned fans among both children and adults alike, with fans around the world anxiously awaiting their future collections. The idea behind The Animals Observatory is to see the animal world from a child’s point of view, with plenteous curiosity, compassion, and wonder.


Here are five reasons why your child should be wearing clothing from The Animals Observatory:


  1. The Animals Observatory puts comfort above all other considerations. There are a wealth of designers who create attractive clothing for children, but often parents will purchase these pieces only to discover later that the clothing simply is not practical. Baby and toddler clothing must be accessible for changings and flexible enough to account for lots of movement. And choosing uncomfortable clothes for older children leads to arguments, refusals to get dressed, and dealing with an overall unhappy child. In the end, even the most attractive clothing may not be worth it, if it leads to a wardrobe of unworn pieces.


The Animals Observatory is different. It is designed to be both comfortable and attractive, giving parents the perfect option for well-dressed and happy children. With The Animals Observatory, you do not have to choose between form and function, as all of their clothes are designed with the expectation that children should actually enjoy wearing them.


  1. The Animals Observatory is an ethically-minded company. They practice sound employment, fabrication, and marketing practices, creating a solid organization to whom you can be proud to contribute. The company was founded with a dedication to ethical practices from the very beginning, giving them a solid base upon which to build their future.


  1. Clothing from The Animals Observatory is timeless, and is sure to look and feel incredible for years to come. Their pieces are designed with the intention of becoming true staples of your child’s wardrobe, making them both attractive and solid investments. Their clothing is well-made and uses the highest-quality materials, giving your child a wardrobe that can stand up to the rigors of both school and playtime. And with the adorable designs and coordinating colors, you know that your child will always look well put-together wearing any piece from The Animals Observatory.


  1. The creative director of The Animals Observatory, Laia Aguilar, is one of the most highly-respected names in children’s fashion. As the founder and former creative director of Bobo Choses, Aguilar made a name for herself as the lead designer of some of the most attractive, inspirational children’s clothing on the planet. The Animals Observatory is the result of a merger between Aguilar, entrepreneur Jan Andreu, and top designer and model Vanesa Lorenzo. Andreu, a longtime fan of Aguilar’s work, approached Aguilar with an irresistible offer: to use her skills as an artist and designer to create her own line of children’s clothing. The Animals Observatory was born in 2015, and released its first line to wide critical acclaim in January of 2016.


  1. The clothing designs created by The Animals Observatory reflect an undeniable respect for children and their preferences. The company’s focus is on making children happy, allowing them to feel free and comfortable in their own skin. Rather than conforming to societal standards, The Animals Observatory makes children their first priority, producing clothes and accessories that both children and their parents can agree upon. They carry clothing for all sizes, from infant to pre-teen; and they are made with simple, solid designs for effortless coordination and styling. Their designs are a whimsical reflection of Aguilar’s role as an artist, as she finds the inspiration for her clothing designs in her own children, her artwork and the artwork of others, and in nature itself. The colors are bright and simple, and her line of coordinating accessories beautifully complement the clothing items.