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Mini Rodini is a brand of children’s wear based in Stockholm which creates whimsical clothing for kids ages 0–11. Its founder, Cassandra Rhodin, a noted Swedish illustrator, has created all of the line’s designs since the company’s founding in 2006. She comes from a long line of entertainers and artists, and she draws inspiration for her designs from this family history, as well as from her own children. Mini Rodini is known the world over as one of the most uniquely designed lines of children’s clothing available.

Each season Mini Rodini produces newly-adorned items with one-of-a-kind characters and styles, lending themselves to some of the most attractive children’s clothing on the planet. While choosing from all of Rhodin’s designs is a difficult task, it was also quite an enjoyable one. Here are five of Mini Rodini’s most adorable designs, presented via some of their most popular clothing options:



  1. Blue Rabbit

Mini Rodini’s Blue Rabbit design, with its big eyes, long whiskers, and dark ears, looks equally well-suited on everything from dresses to sweatshirts. It is a simple yet undeniably adorable pattern that will capture the heart of your child and will soon become one of their favorite looks.


Rodini LT Blue Rabbit Sweatshirt

This light blue sweatshirt is adorned with a pattern of rabbits in white, giving it a whimsical feel. The sweatshirt is designed with a generous, comfortable cut, making it the perfect choice for a cool fall day. It looks perfect paired with black pants and flats for a dressier style, or with jeans for a more casual outing.



  1. Totem

The totem design features multicolored series of owls and suns on a repeating pattern of totem poles, creating an attractive choice for a multitude of clothing items. The totem came in a variety of colors and styles in the most recent Mini Rodini collection, and is an easy design for simple coordination with other styles and patterns.


Rodini Long Sleeved Totem Tee

This adorable long-sleeved tee is made of organic cotton and features the totem print in an all-over pattern. It is an eye-catching design that is sure to make a welcome addition to any child’s wardrobe.




  1. Badger

The badger print, with a simple, sweet face and an easily-recognizable design, is by far one of our favorites. It features a white profile with black stripes, drawing attention to its kind eyes. The badger is a popular design featured on a number of clothing items and accessories.


Rodini Badger Embellished Cap

This adorable cap is a perfect embodiment of the badger design, with its simple placement and unencumbered design. The hat is crafted from 100% recycled polyester and makes a comfortable accessory for any child.




  1. Roe Deer

The Roe Deer is the perfect embellishment for any children’s clothing item. The design features shy smiling deer in a repeating pattern. It comes in both brown and pink and makes for a lovely adornment on blouses, dresses, leggings, and baby items.


Rodini Long Sleeved Roe Deer Dress

This sweet dress features long sleeves and a pattern of blue, tan, and dark brown deer. It features a waisted style and a comfortable flared bottom for an everyday, easy style.



  1. Panda 

This panda in a top hat is a great pattern for a variety of clothing and accessory options. With its simple black eyes and ears, it makes for a notable addition to any child’s wardrobe. The pattern was a staple of the Autumn/Winter 2016 collection, and quickly became a favorite among Mini Rodini fans around the world.


Rodini Orange Panda Backpack

This Mini Rodini Orange Panda Backpack is a simple, eye-catching accessory. Its combination of a unique color and a panda embellishment makes for a perfect addition to any child’s school wardrobe. Use the backpack for books and supplies, or for snacks and toys for a weekend trip to the park.


With these adorable patterns, it is no wonder that the Mini Rodini Collection contains some of the most sought-after children’s clothing available. And with their updated patterns, there are surely more wonderful Mini Rodini designs soon to be released. Look to for the latest in all Mini Rodini collections.