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As most parents know, dressy occasions and small children often do not go well together. There are a few steps that you can take to simplify the process, such as allowing your child to have a say in what he or she is wearing (whenever possible) and to ensure that the clothing you choose is made from comfortable, breathable materials. The good news for parents of boys is that you can usually get away with simply finding one or two good suits and then using them for most any formal occasion. But how do you choose the suit? If you are the parent of a little boy (or a little girl who prefers masculine styles), then you know how difficult finding dress clothes can be. Usually the clothing preferred by children is more of a relaxed style, such as t-shirts and jeans - apparel which simply won’t work for formal events.

When you need something dressier, how can you find a suit which looks great but is also comfortable, so your child will actually wear it? Your answer is the Petit Claire children’s clothing collection available at Ladida. Petit Claire offers high-end children’s wear that is both durable and comfortable. Their collection of dress outfits for boys ensures that your little guy looks dapper without trying to climb out of his clothes. Whether you are looking for a suit for Easter or just want a go-to dress outfit just in case, you cannot go wrong with a suit from Petit Claire.

This Petit Claire French Blue Suit is about to save your sanity. It gives your little one a perfectly tailored, streamlined look that even Dad will envy.

This suit is also available in green, to help bring out your young man’s eyes or to better match his color preferences. Either way, you are guaranteed that he will be stealing the show.

Once you have the perfect suit, you may actually find yourself looking for excuses to have your child wear it. A wedding reception is usually a formal affair, and one during which you are likely to have lots of photographs taken. A suit from Petit Claire will make your little scene-stealer even more photogenic.

Also, do not forget about dressing up for your child’s birthday! Even if the event itself is not considered formal, you may want to dress up your son to remind him that today is a special day, just for him. After all, children should feel special, and never more so than on their birthdays. If your child does not give you too much trouble about dressing up, then incorporating one of these Petit Claire suits into his wardrobe for the occasion can really make the event memorable him. Given Petit Claire’s focus on comfort and wearability, you may find yourself bringing these suits out of the closet more often than you would expect.

Plus, with these simple, neutral colors, accessorizing these suits is a breeze. You can go for the traditional white button up, or for a less stuffy affair, consider letting him wear his favorite t-shirt. And the suit jacket itself will look perfect with a pair of jeans, while the trousers can be coordinated with any number of shirts or sweaters. With dress clothing from Petit Claire, you always get endless wears with your investment. Coordinating these pieces with new and unexpected items from your wardrobe can help you to discover new apparel combinations that you may not have considered before.

Even if you do not have a definite formal occasion on the horizon, having a good suit on hand for your son just makes sense. Petit Claire’s suit collection provides you with clothing of reliable quality and uncompromising style, giving you the confidence that no matter the occasion, your child is going to look great.

At Ladida, we know the importance of letting a kid be a kid. That is why we feature designers from around the world, all of whom have varying stylistic and material choices that kids will love to wear. We believe in allowing your child to take part in wardrobe selections, while maintaining your preferences for quality materials and sound production processes. Trust Ladida for all of your children's clothing needs.