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When it comes to dressing children, layering is simply a part of life. Due to their active lifestyles and the fact that they cannot simply add or remove clothing themselves as needed, a child’s temperature can fluctuate even more than that of adults. Therefore, dressing your kids in simple, easy to remove layers can help uncomplicate your lives and keep your children as comfortable as possible.

For adults, layering can mean a plain white t-shirt under a button-up topped by a sweater or blazer. But for children, this style of layering may be too binding and difficult for them to wear. That’s why it can be helpful to incorporate more loose-fitting yet attractive styles into their wardrobe, giving you the warmth of multiple layers without having to fight your little one when it is time to get dressed. Ladida carries incredible children’s fashions from some of the world’s top designers, including Molo and Tia Cibani. These designer labels carry clothing which looks great on its own but also doubles as functional layering pieces for any number of occasions. Here are some of our favorite picks from these renowned labels:


Cardigans are a great choice for layering, and this Molo Spicy Pink Cardigan will have you wishing you had owned it sooner. The breathable design adds warmth without retaining too much heat, and the simple color will coordinate with any number of other wardrobe pieces. The waffle-style design lets the base layer show through, allowing you to vary your child’s look based on whether it is paired with a simple tank or a dressy blouse. This cardigan is also easy to put on and take off, making it a helpful choice for children whose clothing needs may change throughout the day.


For a more unique approach to layering, try this Molo Grey Rooster Sweatshirt. The zip front and hood give this sweatshirt a classic look, while the bright life-like rooster design on the front is sure to make your child stand out. Molo children’s clothing is known for being both urban and whimsical, and this sweatshirt is a classic example of their design style. Plus, when it comes to layering, you can never go wrong with a great hoodie.


For casual occasions, a simple t-shirt is a versatile building block for a child’s layering wardrobe. But “simple” does not have to mean “boring.” This Tia Cibani Patchwork Classic Tee is a great example of fun and functional coming together in one piece of apparel. The contrasting colors give it a one-of-a-kind look, while the 100% cotton materials make it breathable and fun to wear.


Henleys are also helpful choices for layering, as they can be tossed on over a tank and are easy to match with sweaters or blazers. This Tia Cibani Long Sleeve Bib Henley also has the added advantage of looking great on its own. Like many of the designs in the Tia Cibani designer clothing line, it is made from 100% cotton and is machine washable for your convenience. And the striped “bib” design around the neck adds a fun touch to the Henley’s simple style.

Children’s fashion should consist of the right balance of whimsical and attractive. The top children’s apparel designers know that cute clothing is useless if it does not keep your child warm or if your kids never want to wear it. Investing in simple, layerable pieces from Molo and Tia Cibani is an easy way to expand your child’s wardrobe without choosing between form and function. Best of all, the fun designs are sure to make these pieces some of your child’s favorites.